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Sep 28 2015

Uncertainty continues as investors await Fed clarity

Market Recap 09/25/15:

U.S. stocks were mixed on Friday, though the Dow was sharply lifted by comments from Fed Chair Janet Yellen, who said an interest rate hike was likely to occur by the end of the year. Investors took the comments as a sign that economic growth was strong enough to withstand such a move despite global uncertainty and questions about the strength of China’s economy. This bullish view was reinforced by the latest data on U.S. economic growth, which came in stronger than previously estimated in the second quarter, the second straight upward revision to the GDP estimate. On the downside, continued weakness in biotech stocks pressured the Nasdaq. The group has been sharply lower ever since Democratic Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton said she would announce a plan to stop price-gouging in drug prices. Despite the rise in the Dow on Friday, major indexes ended lower for the week.

Looking ahead:

U.S. stock index futures edged lower on Monday, suggesting last week’s volatility was by no means over, and that uncertainty about growth would continue to be a major theme for the time being. Several Fed officials are slated to give speeches this week, and all of them will be scoured for any further clues on when the central bank will raise interest rates. Friday’s jobs report will also be closely watched for this reason. Make sure you don’t miss this week’s Money Matters with Gary Goldberg, which airs Sundays at 11 on WOR710. Be sure to watch our president, Oliver Pursche, who will appear on Making Money With Charles Payne tomorrow. The show airs at 6 p.m. on the Fox Business Network. Visit our website for more details.